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They Don’t Give A Fuck, My first self-published Book!

MyCollage_0If anyone has been wondering why Blast Avenue hasn’t had an update in a while it’s because I published my first illustrated book for adults via Amazon in January! Yay! The picture above is a small snippet, the first two pages of the book to be exact. Now I know you’re probably thinking, “What does that have to do with the comic?”, to that I say, it has everything to do with the comic! Some of you are aware that I have no talent when it comes to art so I’ve hired an extremely talented illustrator to help bring my stories to life. We took a small break from the comic to focus on self publishing but we’re rebooting it soon so no worries.

Self-publishing has been a very exciting process and my first book, “They Don’t Give A Fuck“, has been selling fairly well so I’m very happy. It’s a cute little story laced with profanity about a boy who learns the hard way that sometimes people just don’t give a fuck. I know you’re probably thinking that’s a harsh lesson for a kid to learn and I agree, it is indeed but that doesn’t make it any less amusing. They Don’t Give A Fuck is written in rhyme and illustrated in a style that is reminiscent of Dr. Seuss. My love of Dr. Seuss was actually the original inspiration behind wanting to publish my own illustrated books. I would like to do for adults what he did for children. In other words, I want to tell awesome stories, with awesome pictures and valuable lessons predominantly for people over the age of 18. Although in the future I do plan to release edited versions of my work to include younger people and adults who have an aversion to profane language.

The idea for They Don’t Give A Fuck came to me during a conversation I was having with a few friends. We were all sitting around smoking pot(legally) and discussing the lack of fucks given in today’s society. The next thing I knew the story was literally fighting it’s way out of my head. I could barely sleep that night. I woke up the next the morning and carved the entire thing out in about thirty minutes and I was hooked. It was so much fun to write a story completely in rhyme. Since then I’ve written eleven more illustrated books, all in rhyme and I don’t plan to slow up anytime soon so prepare yourselves. In addition to bringing the comic back, I’ll be releasing a new illustrated book every 3-4 months until my brain can no longer think them up, so like when I’m dead or something.

The next book, Government Cheese, will be available for download in about two weeks. You guys are going to love it. When you get a chance click the link below, pop over to Amazon and download They Don’t Give A Fuck, it’s a quick hilarious read that will not disappoint, Scouts honor!




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