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BA mugshot - Keyshia



Keyshia Jenkins is an all american teenage girl. Most would consider her a goodie two shoes. She’s a straight A student and wants to be a doctor someday. Although Keyshia was born into an impoverished area her family is not doing half bad all things considered. They always have food, their clothes are nice and her mom always pays the light bill in full…She never “puts something on it”. Keyshia’s family is also extremely religious. Until she was about 6 years old, she thought Jesus was actually her father. She was devastated when he was sacrificed at the church Christmas play so there was no choice but to tell her the truth. As perfect as her life may seem Keyshia has made recent decisions that could change her life…FOREVER!

Favorite Movie: To Sir With Love

Favorite Book(s): Harry Potter

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Tv Show: Game of Thrones

BA mugshot - Dimples




Dimples Johnson has been Keyshia’s best friend since they were precious little 5 years old. Dimples lives in the worst part of Blast Avenue, however, she has never noticed. She once walked outside in the middle of a drive by shooting insisting that everyone keep it down because she was trying to watch Scandal! Dimples doesn’t notice much and when she does…she isn’t particularly sure what it is anyway! Dimples has decided someday she would like to do hair and maybe even take over her mother’s shop. She wanted her own shop, but that was before she was stumped by subtraction. Failure to do simple math is the number one killer of dreams…the public school system is a close second.

Favorite Movie: White Chicks

Favorite Book(s): Coloring Books

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite TV Show: Meet The Browns

BA mugshot - Becky Ann




Becky-Ann Dennis is a good friend of both Keyshia and Dimples, but also serves as the muscle of the group. Growing up in a trailer park around a bunch of red-necks has made Becky very very tough. Still merely a teenager, Becky is doing her best to fight stereotypes about her peers from the trailer parks. When she isn’t fighting stereotypes, she’s fighting the people who are spreading the stereotypes! Becky is a shoot first, ask questions later, kind of girl and that’s the way she’ll stay. At least until she’s arrested…

Favorite Movie: Roadhouse

Favorite Book: Assault Rifles for Dummies

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Tv Show: Shameless


BA mugshot - Mildred




Mildred Donahue has been saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost for over 60 years. She is Keyshia’s grandmother and a correspondent of BlastAvenue.com. Mildred is very active in the church and prides herself on completing the most prayer requests in a 24 hour period. She has long held a telethon called “Shaking Hands With Jesus” that saved many souls and blessed many hearts throughout it’s years in service. When Mildred is not praying for the sick and the shut-ins she enjoys knitting, reading her bible and listening to her CB radio.

Favorite Movie: The Ten Commandments

Favorite Book: The Holy Bible(King James Version)

Favorite Color: Whatever color Jesus is wearing when He returns…

Favorite Tv Show: All My Children


BA mugshot - Shakey





Shakey is a resident crackhead and prominent fixture on Blast Avenue. Very prominent…In fact, so prominent that she lives right on the street in a fabulous urine soaked cardboard box near one of Blast Avenue’s filthiest alleys. Shakey is loved by all in the neighborhood and is well cared for. Once a successful diva, Shakey has fallen far from grace. Even though she’s no longer a superstar, Shakey is still a girl who enjoys a good Hit! It might be in a pipe instead of on the charts…but it’s a hit nonetheless.

Favorite Movie: New Jack City

Favorite Book: Uknown (It was found in the trash and the cover had been removed. She said it was good though)

Favorite Color: Crack Rock White

Favorite Tv Show: The Wire